Wardrobe Staples for Hot Flashes

Reposted from my other site: notactingmyage.com

I know that I’m not alone as I navigate my days with hot flashes! As I mentioned in a recent post, I experimented with many different ways to handle those frequent and annoying bursts of heat that cover my body in a glistening cover of sweat. The key for me has been a simple tweak to my wardrobe- laying!

I have become a huge fan of jackets and cardigans because I can take them off whenever a hot flash begins and put it back on after it’s over. I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a real sense of cold right after a hot flash ends. Two extremes within minutes of each other! That’s why I love my layers.

As a stylist and small business owner with Peach, I have several fantastic and stylish choices to show you. All of the options that I’m featuring are part of my own wardrobe. I love them because of the versatility and chic looks they provide while giving me the layers that I desire. Let’s take a look!


The Maya Cocoon is like wearing a comfy sweatshirt! I love this one because it covers my booty when I wear leggings or skinny jeans! Click here for details about the Maya Cocoon.

The Cloe Jacket is the perfect option for any circumstance. I wear this one with work clothes, casual outfits, and even athletic wear. Check out the cute collar and asymmetrical zipper! It is made with a lightweight, washable tech fabric. For more info, click this link.

The Scuba Bomber Jacket is my go-to travel piece. When we spent the holidays at Disney World, this jacket was stuffed in my backpack. I rolled it up to carry under my arms. I sat on it. Yet, it was wrinkle-free every time I put it back on! To order your own, click here.

The Lucia Jacket is tailored in brush-back fleece fabric with three ways to wear it: open, buttoned on one shoulder, buttoned all the way. To check it out, click this link.

The Ruana was such a hit that it flew off the website in days! We had to restock quickly because the demand was hot! Three colors to choose- black, light gray, or icy blue. You have to see this one! Click for our famous Ruana and the rest of our Peach layers.

If you’re dealing with hot flashes, layering could be a simple solution for you, too. Maybe you just like fashion. Either way, these choices will add some style to your wardrobe.


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