Into The Wild- Autumn Collection

I'm seeing all things pumpkin popping up in stores. Football season is coming on strong. School is back in session. Yep- fall is almost here! Guess what else is here? A new line from Peach! The Autumn Collection has arrived!! Into the Wild has everything you could want in a fall line. I'm talking about... Continue Reading →


Here’s Your Perfect Summertime Dress

My stepson is getting married this fall to an adorable woman. As the parents of the groom, we are mostly celebrating the event! Pretty good gig if you can get it! Our bride has the details covered, so we are able to sit back and enjoy the ride. There was a bridal shower at a... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Piece for Summer

I don't care what your summer plans include- this Marisol Kaftan is for you. Beach? Yep? Poolside? You bet! Travel? Of course! You can even toss on this versatile piece for running errands in style. Wear it over your swimsuit as a cover-up or layer it with a cute tank and jeans. The Woven Cotton... Continue Reading →

Ready to be CRUSHED?

Are you ready to be crushed? Blue Crush, that is. The Summer Collection from Peach has launched!! Yep- it's time to be crushed. From a gorgeous maxi dress to on-trend culottes and skorts, this collection has your summer wardrobe covered! You don't have to take my word for it. Check out just a few pieces... Continue Reading →

Style Drop: Trinidad Jacket

Don't you just love surprises? This cute jacket was a surprise STYLE DROP to complement the already amazing Heart of Havana collection from Peach! If you've had your eyes on the Trinidad leggings or those ruffled Anita leggings, you'll want to grab one of these jackets to finish your look. Our Trinidad jacket is made... Continue Reading →

Here’s Your New Jacket

It finally feels like SPRING today! There's sunshine and a warm breeze. Maybe- just maybe- winter is beginning to lessen its grip. I don't know about you, but I am more than ready! I love sweaters and boots, just like any other gal. However, I really love clothes for those warmer temperatures. That's probably because... Continue Reading →

Heart of Havana

Are you ready? You better be! The Peach Heart of Havana Collection has arrived! I'm telling you- this one is outstanding! There's so much to love! Palm tree prints! Leggings with a little ruffle at the ankle! A vegan-leather jacket! Our Hemingway jacket! Pants! Leggings! A flirty dress! You just need to see these pieces... Continue Reading →

The 180 Dress

I'm sitting here with a blanket over my legs listening to the sleet hit the windows. The outside temperature is below freezing. The sun is hidden beneath layers of clouds. And, I'm just dreaming of sunshine, flowers, warmth, or even Spring showers. Anything,  but winter weather! Enough already! I recently received the 180 dress from... Continue Reading →

Flash Sale- Pima Tees

Can you ever have too many quality t-shirts in your wardrobe? They're probably the most versatile pieces in your closet. Wear them with a pair of jeans and great boots. Or maybe under a cardigan. How about with leggings or to compliment that fantastic jacket?   For a limited time, choose any THREE or more... Continue Reading →

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